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The Village of Perry has adopted a new, updated Comprehensive Plan on 9/21/15. You can view the complete plan on the link below the following two paragraphs.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan is a written document that outlines a community’s vision for the future along with a strategy or philosophy for how it will achieve that vision. In Perry, a Steering Committee is working with consultants to develop the comprehensive plan through a public and transparent process over the next several months. This will ensure that the adopted plan responds to the needs of our village over the next 10-15 years. Although the comprehensive plan is not a law, once it is adopted by the Village Board, all local laws (such as zoning) must be consistent with it.


What can a Comprehensive Plan address?

In essence, a comprehensive plan is a community’s guiding philosophy that outlines the goals, objectives and policies for the immediate and long-range enhancement, growth and development of the community. A comprehensive plan might address:

  • Existing and proposed land uses and their intensity;
  • Agricultural uses, historical resources, cultural resources, natural resources, coastal resources and sensitive environmental areas;
  • Population, demographic and socioeconomic trends;
  • Transportation facilities;
  • Utilities and infrastructure;
  • Housing resources and needs;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Relevant governmental plans and regional needs;
  • Economic development; and,
  • Proposed means to implement goals, objectives and policies; and,
  • Parties responsible for overseeing implementation.

CZB Draft Initial Findings, Village of Perry

Clue Group Commercial Revitalization/Development Report

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