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The maximum speed limit in the village of Perry is 30 miles per hour, except in the School zone or Village Park, which is posted accordingly. 
It is unlawful to park your vehicle:
  • Police SUVSo it blocks another's driveway.
  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • So it blocks the sidewalk.
  • On the Village Right of Way, between the curb and sidewalk.
  • On any village street between the hours of 2AM-6AM between November 1st and May 1st violators will be ticketed, and may be towed.
  • Facing the wrong way on the appropriate side of the street.
  • In a properly marked handicap space.
  • In violation of any sign prohibiting the parking thereof.
The goal of the Perry Police Department in enforcing the Traffic Laws of the State of N.Y. and Village of Perry is to:
  • Prevent Traffic Accidents
  • Reduce Aggressive driving habits
  • Prevent Road Rage.
  • Make our streets safe for Residents, visitors, and most of all our children.
It is with the cooperation of all who use our highways and streets to be responsible drivers and adhere to the law.  You are encouraged to call the police department if you see reckless acts of motor vehicle operation.  Helpful hints are obtaining a license plate number and being able to at least physically identify and or give a description of the operator of the vehicle.
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