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DPW Projects

Needham Street Infrastructure Improvement

DPW replaced storm drains and sewer lines along Needham Street during the fall of 2018. This completes the storm drain improvement project associated with the South Main Drainage project in 2017/2018. Milling and repaving of these two streets will be completed in the summer of 2019 along with areas on Washington Boulevard.


Status: In Progress

Needham & Competent Streets

Tel: 585-237-2216


2019 Paving & Sidewalk Schedule

It is currently proposed that paving of the following streets will occur during the summer of 2019.

  • Needham & Competent Streets
  • Washington Boulevard
  • South Federal (Washington to Standpipe)
  • Watkins Avenue (Center to Hawthorne)

Sidewalk improvements will be made along Needham Street in conjunction with the paving projects.

Additional pavement patching and sealing is planned along the following streets:

  • Leicester
  • Covington
  • Tempest
  • North Federal
  • Lake Street (Center to Main)
  • Short Street
  • St Helena

Status: Planning

Various locations

Tel: 585-237-2216


2019 Infrastructure Improvement Projects

The following areas are currently being considered for storm drain and sewer line improvements during the summer of 2019. These include:

  • Olin Avenue - Sewer line replacement
  • Benedict Street - Storm drain replacement
  • Watkins Avenue - Storm drain replacement
  • Lincoln Avenue - Storm drain replacement

Once completed, these roads will be scheduled for paving in the following year.

Status: Planning

Various Locations

Tel: 585-237-2216


Masonic Temple in Spring
Perry Public Library, home of the Stowell-Wiles Gallery
His 'N Hers & Jake's Barber Shop on Main Street
Looking South from Burlingham Books, on Main Street
Rachel says Hello! from Olive & Ink, on Main Street
Arts Council for Wyoming County, on Main Street
Artworks by PCS kids on display at the Wyoming County Fair
A sunset over Silver Lake in Winter
Reading at the Bookstore
Read Around Perry (RAP) 5K Medals
Pitching in at the Village Park on Clean Sweep Day
Hold onto your Last Night Perry!
Hello Honeycombers!
Milk! on Main Street.
Reading with Rotary, oh my!