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Public Works

The Department of Public Works (DPW) takes pride in the services it provides to the community.

It operates the maintains village sidewalks, streets and roadways, updates and repairs water and sewer and provides snow plowing and maintenance for Village owned properties and more.

Have a maintenance or non-emergency issue to report? You can use to report it anytime.

For emergencies, call the Clerk's Office at 585-237-2216. It is after regular business hours, please contact the Perry Police at 585-237-5445.

Facilities Locations

  • Superintendent’s Office: 46 North Main Street
  • Village Garage: 32 South Federal Street


  • Steve Deaton, DPW Superintendent
  • Marlos Norman, Working Foreman
  • Michael Baker, Working Foreman
  • Kaleb Zanghi, MEO/Shop Mechanic
  • Anthony Ricotta, MEO
  • Ricardo Torres, MEO
  • Travis Rice, MEO
  • Kevin Baker, Laborer

Sidewalk Express

DPW coordinates the Sidewalk Express program for the Village of Perry. While the Village is exploring sidewalk repairs in specific areas of the Village, property owners can use Sidewalk Express to expedite repairs to sidewalk on their property. The property owners agree to cover the cost of materials while the Village agrees to cover the cost of labor. This program provides a convenient and affordable method for property owners to affect change and improvement on their property. For more information and application forms, please contact the Clerk's Office at (585) 237-2216.

Bag and Brush Pickup

The DPW coordinates pickup of leaf and grass bags and brush during the first week of the month. It is recommended that bags and neat piles of brush/branches be placed near the curb on the first of each month. DPW will make one sweep of each neighborhood during that first week. A drop off area for bag and brush is being constructed near the Wastewater Treatment Facility on Water Street that will allow residents drop off bags and brush during other times of the month. More information regarding that drop off site will be made available as it is ready to start operations.

Please be mindful that placing bags and brush out for extended periods other than the first week is prohibited and may lead to a citation. We appreciate your help in keeping our Village looking great throughout the year.

Masonic Temple in Spring
Perry Public Library, home of the Stowell-Wiles Gallery
His 'N Hers & Jake's Barber Shop on Main Street
Looking South from Burlingham Books, on Main Street
Rachel says Hello! from Olive & Ink, on Main Street
Arts Council for Wyoming County, on Main Street
Artworks by PCS kids on display at the Wyoming County Fair
A sunset over Silver Lake in Winter
Reading at the Bookstore
Read Around Perry (RAP) 5K Medals
Pitching in at the Village Park on Clean Sweep Day
Hold onto your Last Night Perry!
Hello Honeycombers!
Milk! on Main Street.
Reading with Rotary, oh my!