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Water & Sewer

Water Quality

In 2016, the Village of Perry was recognized by New York Rural Water as Water System of the Year—for continued excellence in providing safe drinking water through superior operations and progressive management.

Our water also won the 2016 annual local and regional water taste test, and received second place in the 2016 state finals.

Water Service

The Village of Perry Water Plant produces water for the Village of Perry, the Town of Perry, a portion of Letchworth State Park and two separate water districts for the Town of Castile (Gardeau and the Silver Lake Institute districts). Mt. Morris also draws from Silver Lake for their village's water source. 

Water Rates (effective as of 6/1/2016)

Base Rate, Village User   $34.00/Qtr
Base Rate, Outside User (District) $45.00/Qtr
Base Rate, Outside USer (Non District) $50.00/Qtr
Rate per 1000 Gallons, Village User   $4.15
Rate per 1000 Gallons, Outside User (District) $5.60
Rate per 1000 Gallons, Outside User (Non District) $5.75

Sewer Rates (effective as of 6/1/2023)

Base Rate, Village User   $69.00/Qtr
Base Rate, Outside User (Non District) $86.25/Qtr
Rate per 1000 Gallons, Village User   $8.40
Rate per 1000 Gallons, Outside User (Non District) $10.50

Billing for Services

The formula for calculating most quarterly bills is the base rate plus the quantity of water times water or sewer rate. For example, if a village resident used 15,000 gallons over three months, the water bill would be $34.00 (base rate) + $62.25 (water rate of $4.15 multiplied by 15 for that many thousand gallons) making a total bill of $96.25.

The village is separated into three billing districts. Each district is billed quarterly, on a rotating basis.

This process helps reduce the amount of personnel required for reading meters and processing payments.

For questions or additional information on water bills, please contact the Clerk's Office.

Facilities Locations

  • Water Treatment Plant, Standpipe Road
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant, Water Street


  • Jeff Drain, Chief Operator Water/Sewer Plant
  • Christina Slusser and Amanda Bouchard, Secretaries
  • Will Stowell, Water Plant Operator
  • Michael Mott, Water Plant Operator
  • Mark Kingsley, Waste Water Plant Operator
  • Tom D'Aprile, Waste Water Plant Operator

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Artworks by PCS kids on display at the Wyoming County Fair
A sunset over Silver Lake in Winter
Reading at the Bookstore
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Milk! on Main Street.
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