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Water System

The water that flows from the tap comes from Silver Lake, and goes through a multi-step process before it reaches consumers. This process has been in place since 1954.

A capital improvement plan is being considered to increase the capacity and efficiency of the water treatment plant.

Drinking Water Treatment Process

1. Silver Lake
Water is drawn from Silver Lake. 

2. Disinfection
Sodium Hypochlorite is added to the water to kill disease-causing organisms.

3. Up-Flow Clarifier
Lake water is pumped up through a clarifier to remove algae and particulates.

4. Treatment
Chemicals are added to cause small particles to clump up so they can be filtered.

5. Disinfection
Water receives Sodium Hypochlorite again to kill disease-causing organisms that might remain.

6. Filtration
Water travels through filters that remove more tiny microscopic particles.

7. Water Tower
Water moves from the clear well to a 750,000 gallon storage tower before being distributed to customers...quality water, on tap. 

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