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March 4, 2020

Sewage Overflow Reported at Treatment Plant

Village of Perry reports sewage overflow due to heavy rain and snow melt event.

Village staff reported an overflow at the wastewater treatment plant on March 3, 2020 around 9:00 PM. The overflow was caused by heavy snow melt immediately followed by a heavy rain storm that infiltrated the sanitary sewer system. This inundated the plant leading to partially treated sewer overflowing some of the holding/treatment tanks. This was a limited occurence and was not a direct discharge into the Silver Lake Outlet creek. While any overflow is concerning, the Village voluntarily reports any overflow that happens and takes all possible actions to mediate any environmental impacts. No drinking water sources were impacted by this very limited overflow - contrary to social media reports stating sewer impacting Silver Lake which is over two miles away and upstream from the wastewater treatment facility. 

The Village is in the midst of a $10 million dollar renovation project that will help address the capacity issues at the plant. The Village is also working to reduce inflow and infiltration issues throughout the Village that allows storm water access into the sanitary sewer. Such efforts include replacing older sewer lines, proper drainage from private properties, and improved storm drain systems. The combination of these efforts look to eliminate such instances from happening in the future. The Village is always concerned with the safety of its residents, businesses, and visitors and is working to maintain the environmental and public health standards expected by our constituents.

For further information, please contact the Village Hall at (585) 237-2216. 

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